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Landscape Architecture

About Us

SCC Lawncare is a locally owned and operated landscape company located in St. Charles County. We specialize in Lawn Maintenance for any yard, from a small villa to large commercial lots.

It's important to care for your lawn on a regular basis. Properly mowed lawns that get plenty of water and proper fertilization will not only look lush and beautiful, but also have less weeds as well as less disease.

SCC Lawncare owns professional equipment with sharp blades to cut your grass. Regular care and maintenance ensures your grass is cut evenly, clean, and damage free. SCC Lawncare cuts your grass at the proper height, ensuring healthy results.

We offer a No Contract Policy preventing any unnecessary cuts from occurring during dryer and hotter seasons. 

If you're looking for a friendly, professional lawn care company in St. Charles County, please call or email for a free estimate.

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